About Us

We're a small team on a mission to help small-scale farms make more money. We developed Cabbige to be a market farmer's all-in-one business management tool to record harvests and sales, compare revenue across crops and markets, help with pricing, and track CSAs. 

Why did we do this?

Because we think small farm businesses are vital to our communities and food system, and they deserve tools with the same level of sophistication as any other business.

Learn more about the folks that grow Cabbige below....


Jessica Angell, CEO & Founder

Jessie grew up north of Boston, working summers in high school and college on one of the oldest farms in the United States. Fast forward through a career in mobile payments and digital media technology, she's returned to the field she loves determined to make technology that improves business outcomes for small-scale farms.

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Audra Dunivan, Program Manager

Originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Audra grew up going to the farmers' market every Sunday and growing tomatoes in her backyard. After studying economics and bassoon performance at the University of Michigan, Audra began her career as a software consultant, and joined Cabbige to support the growth of small, sustainable, and diversified farms. This harvest season, Audra is excited to see what grows in her 2x4' raised vegetable garden on the balcony of her Boston apartment. 

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