Cabbige Joins Freight Farms to Help Small Business Farms Increase Revenue & Profitability

Nearly four years ago, Cabbige started at my kitchen table. A notebook, pen, and driving commitment to small-scale farms turned an idea into an impactful social enterprise that changed the way small-scale farms manage their business.

In that time, hundreds of small-scale farms – from Maine to California – used Cabbige to get data-driven insight into their business. As Cabbige grew, so did the opportunity for small-scale farms to improve their business and address age-old challenges with indoor farming technology – like the Leafy Green Machine – in seasonality and inventory predictability.

Brad, Freight Farms’s CEO, and I agreed on the dangers of a concentrated food system and shared a vision of a distributed one. In this last year, we came to realize that the two technologies – hardware & software, production & distribution – would do more for small business farmers together than independently.

Today, I’m announcing that Cabbige has been acquired by Freight Farms to expand its impact to indoor growers and to give small business farmers an end-to-end solution for growing and selling fresh, local produce. I will be helping with the transition for a short period of time, but will be taking some long overdue time to reflect on Cabbige and dream up plans for an exciting, impactful future.

If you’d like to stay in touch, you can reach me at I’ll be writing about my experience launching, funding, and selling a social enterprise on Medium soon, and retweet comedians’ takes on politics at @jomjessie.