Cabbige All Year Long – Announcing Four-Season Support & Partnership with FRESHFARM Markets

Today we’re very pleased to announce that Cabbige now offers Four-Season Support for small-to-mid size farms, allowing farms that continue operations through the fall and winter seasons with storage crops to use Cabbige to figure out the optimized price, monitor their inventory, and get reporting and analytics for their crops and sales channels throughout the season.

Four-Season Support has been seamlessly integrated into the existing Cabbige platform. All farmers have to do to activate Four-Season Support is click a checkbox noting that the crop is a winter storage crop, and Cabbige takes care of the rest.

We’re launching Four-Season Support in a pilot program with FRESHFARM Markets in Washington, D.C., a non-profit that runs 13 farmers’ markets and whose mission is the economic and financial viability of farms in their region.  Farms in the FRESHFARM Markets network will have access to Cabbige and the new Four-Season Support for the 2015-2016 winter season, and we’re planning to pilot additional programs with organizations in the coming months.

The launch of Four-Season Support is an important milestone in our development, helping us realize our mission of providing comprehensive business management tools and support to small-to-mid scale farms around the country.

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