Market Pricing Trends - Strawberries



Folks, it’s strawberry season! This may be one of my favorite in-season times of year for several reasons:

  1. It’s short enough to feel special, yet long enough that you won’t miss it by going away for a weekend (I’m looking at you fiddleheads).
  2. A ripe, local strawberry in June is to the CA in December strawberries as a McDonald’s burger is to a Craigie burger – hardly the same species. June strawberries are sublime and one of the best parts of summer.
  3. For a data geek, a short availability window and highly-prized product create a beautifully chaotic market that’s ripe for order (pun intended).

Strawberries hit the market last week and, predictably, the prices ran the gamut. Not as wildly as spring mix did, but too an interesting degree, nonetheless:

Prices for strawberries by the pint ranged from $4.00 to $6.75 with a price dispersion of 69%. The mean (average) price was $5.05, the median price was $5.38, and the mode price was $4.00.

The field seemed relatively split between those angling towards the $4.00 mark and those pushing the price ceiling. It'll be interesting to see where the prices come in this week, with the season getting into full swing.

It’s a short season, but a price discrepancy that wide would have significant revenue impact for a farm. Check out the illustration below to see how the price dispersion of 69% impacts revenue across different volumes.

Strawberries Pricing