Cornell New Farmer Profit Teams - Data Sharing

Thank you for signing up for the Cabbige Program, as a part of Cornell's New Farmer Profit Teams. Cabbige is committed to helping farms make better, data-driven decisions to improve the health and sustainability of their businesses.

As part of the Cornell New Farmer Profit Team program, Cornell Small Farms Program uses individual farm data from participants to make business plan and operation recommendations, advise farms, and improve their profitability.  Our standard data policy is to only share aggregated, anonymized data that can not be traced to a particular farm with sponsoring organizations. We would like your permission to share your Cabbige data with Cornell Small Farms Program, to help them better serve you and the New York farm community. Your data would be shared with only the Cornell Small Farms Program and not made public in anyway.

Please let us know if we have your permission to share Cabbige data with Cornell Small Farms Program by filling out the form below.


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As a participant in the Cornell New Farmer Profit Team, I give Cabbige permission to share my data with Cornell Small Farms Program for the sole purpose of the program's mission to improve small farm profitability.