who we are

Cabbige is an online tool, specially designed for small-scale, biodiverse farms, to help them record plantings, harvests & sales, determine the best price and sales channels for their crops, and plan more profitable growing seasons.

cornell & cabbige

Cornell Small Farms Program's New Farmer Profit Teams and Cabbige have a shared vision - the economic viability and sustainability of New York farms. We partnered and are working together to make the Cabbige online tool, which has helped farms increase their revenue since 2014, available to farms participating in the New Farmer Profit Team program. 

In our 2014 pilot,  farms that used Cabbige saw an average 9.6% increase in revenue, and the hope for this partnership is that the farms in the New Farmer Profit Teams meet and exceed that improvement.

how the program works

Cabbige is an online tool - like Quickbooks - that charges users a monthly subscription fee for access to the digital record-keeping, reporting and analytics, and pricing tool. Farms participating through the New Farmer Profit Team will have access to Cabbige for free through December 2017.

Farms that choose to participate will attend one 30-minute training session available in March and April 2017 and receive ongoing support to help them get the most value out of their account and the program.

how cabbige works

Cabbige is designed to be easy to use and fit easily into a farm's current workflow. Accounts take 10-15 minutes to set-up for the season, and using Cabbige takes 2-5 minutes a few times per week. Cabbige is accessible on desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, and tablets; and your information syncs instantly across all devices. 

Farms enter their harvest and sales data, and Cabbige's proprietary algorithm uses that information to determine the best price for the crops, and digitally records all of the season's data for future use in crop-planning.

get started

To get started with the Cabbige program, sign-up to participate and let us know which of four available 30-minute phone trainings you can attend - all trainings feature the same information, but are available different days and times to match individual schedules.

We work with Cornell Small Farms Program to understand your season's data and improve the New Farmer Profit Team programs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at help at cabbige dot com.