Cabbige is an easy-to-use business management tool, designed for diversified growers, that helps you increase revenue and profits. Below, get the details on our most popular features:

CSA Tracking - Track all of your CSA inventory, get an automatic update on the value of your shares, and run reports to see the value of your shares week-to-week, month-to-month, or over the course of a season. Click here to see it in action!

Digital Record-keeping - You know you should, but it's just so time-consuming to keep track of harvests and sales. Not anymore. Cabbige is designed to make record-keeping easy. It's available on your desktop, mobile, and tablet, and takes no more than 2-3 minutes to use.

Pricing ToolKnow the most profitable price for each of your crops as you move throughout the season. We optimize your prices for both direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels.

QuickBooks Sync - We've integrated with QuickBooks Online to make tracking your business and finances even easier.

Cabbige Insights – Monthly insights into the trends that shape local food economies for small-scale diversified growers.

Four-Season Support  All features available for winter storage crops, providing business management tools and support to help farms make the most of their business year-round.

Harvest & Sales ReportsSee all of your season data in easy-to-read graphic reports. 

Inventory Status – With a quick glance, you can see all of your crops inventory levels. No guessing, no trekking to the storage shed.

Multi-device Support - Cabbige syncs seamlessly, in real-time across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.