State of the CSA – Share prices, values, and trends in 2017

As a team, we at Cabbige, have 10-15 years of CSA-eating-experience. We love the idea, love the model, and have eaten our fair-share of community-supported veggies over the years. Now, thanks to our new CSA Tracker, we finally have data to understand the best practices and profitability of this essential sales channel.

We looked at CSAs from coast-to-coast and have spoken with a number of Cabbige users over the last few months about their own spins and twists on the CSA. A lot of farms are using CSAs more like loyalty programs or prepaid accounts, where the customer pays $100 and gets $120 to spend, or participating customers get a consistent discounted price. We’ve also seen every variation on share boxes – from seasonal, to individual shares, to school-calendar-only. Farms have been nothing if not creative and ingenious in their adaptation of the CSA model. But, for our purposes, we’re only looking at full season, full and half shares, to keep the comparisons as consistent as possible.

We examined CSA share prices for the season, price charged per box, value of veggies per box, and trends in CSA share sizes.

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