Ag Service Provider Directory

Below is a list of Ag Service Providers in the Northeast that can help you use your Cabbige account, Cabbige Insights, and your personal benchmark report to plan and improve your farm business. 


Contact: Gray Harris, Senior Program Director
Expertise: Food Systems & Natural Resources

Farm Smart
Contact: Jed Beach, Owner Expertise: Calculating crop unit costs, comparing profitability, and advising on how to improve unit costs
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University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Contact: Tori Lee Jackson, Extension Educator
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University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Contact: Richard Kersbergen, Extension Professor  Expertise: Expertise in Dairy Production and Forage Crops      E-mail

University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Contact: Donna Coffin, Extension Educator

University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Contact: Cathy Kloetzli, Agriculture and Food Systems Professional                   E-mail

Maine Agricultural Mediation Program
Contact: Elaine Bourne, Program Manager
Expertise: Mediation services, communication and conflict resolution training, facilitation services and other services to the agricultural community         Learn More                                E-mail

Maine Farmland Trust
Contact: Sue Lanpher, Maine FarmLink Coordinator

Maine Forest Service
Contact: Andy Shultz, Landowner Outreach Forester
Expertise: Managing wooded land                                             E-mail

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Contact: Heather Omand, Organic Marketing & Business Coordinator

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Contact: Ryan Dennett, New Farmer Programs Coordinator


Lettuce Be Local
Contact: Lynn Stromberg, Owner
Expertise: Educate, Aggregate and Transport (E.A.T.) food from local farms to restaurants, caterers, schools and institutions throughout the entire year                                     E-mail

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
Contact: Tony Grasso, Food Hub Manager                             

Farm Credit East
Contact: Chris Laughton, Director of Knowledge Exchange
Expertise: Financing, and Financial Services to Northeast Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

The Carrot Project
Contact: Kira Bennett Hamilton, Client Services Fellow



Contact: Maria Rojas, Program Manager

Penn State Extension
Contact: Brian Moyer, Program Assistant

SUNY Adirondack
Contact: Jared Woodcock, Agriculture Coordinatort



Vermont Farm & Forest Viability
Contact: Liz Gleason, Program Manager

NH Community Loan Fund
Contact: Charlene Anderson, Manager of Business Education
Expertise: Identify key skill-strengthening opportunities and connect farms with expertise tailored to their business                                         E-mail

UVM Extension
Contact: Mark Cannella, Farm Business Specialist/Assistant Professor                                    E-mail

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
Contact: Jen Miller, Farmer Services Coordinator
Expertise: Provide full business planning services & technical assistance for producers of organic and sustainable practices                E-mail