unhce & cabbige

UNHCE and Cabbige have a shared vision - the economic viability and sustainability of New England farms. We are working together to make Cabbige available to farms in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont for the 2017 growing season. Our goal is to measurably enhance the revenue and efficiency of participating farms’ businesses. 

what is cabbige?

Cabbige is an online tool, specially designed for small-scale, farms that tracks plantings, harvests, sales, and CSA share value; has a unique pricing tool designed for specialty crop growers, and helps farms plan more profitable growing seasons.

how the program works

UNHCE is sponsoring 40 Cabbige licenses for the 2017 growing season, and is making them available for a limited time to farms in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont at no cost. Participating farms will receive a license, training, pricing recommendations, monthly detail reports through a personal support call, and a personal contact for questions or assistance! The time it takes you to enter weekly data is about 3-5 mins on a mobile or desktop device. If you are not computer savvy, we will help you through the process!

how does cabbige work?

Cabbige is designed to be easy to use and fit easily into a farm's current workflow. Accounts take 10-15 minutes to set-up for the season, and using Cabbige takes 2-5 minutes a few times per week. Cabbige is accessible on desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, and tablets; and your information syncs instantly across all devices. 

With Cabbige, you’ll get easy-to-read reports showing which crops and sales channels are the biggest revenue drivers, a log of all of your crop and sales activity, unique price recommendations, and access to Cabbige Insights – our monthly report on data trends in the small-scale farming industry.


get started

To participate in the UNHCE Program and receive Cabbige for FREE, click the link below and fill out the form. We will then call  you with a license code and more information.